I provide a service for the following age groups:





I try to give students, especially from year 10 on, confidence in oral work by practicing questions linked with the curriculum.

I can also help them with their written work using their previous knowledge and helping them to structure their ideas. Tuition could be reinforced with exercises or listening between sessions.

Conversation classes for individuals, couples or groups, locally or via video link (e.g. Skype or Facetime). This could be refresher or advanced tuition depending on your needs. This could be based on news, books, holidays, etc.

Secondary (11-19 years):

Adults (over 19 years):

Songs, stories and educational games for the youngest (4-6 years) to immerse them in the French language.

For the older children (7-11 years) learning basic vocabulary and sentences linked with the French primary scheme of work.

Children (4-11 years):

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