My name is Magali. I run primary school French clubs, GCSE and A Level tuition and conversation, both ‘one to one’ and in small groups (2-8 people), in the South West Wales, UK area.

Tuition can be provided face to face or via video (e.g. Skype or Facetime).

The About Me page gives a summary of my background and qualifications.

The My Services page gives details of the type of services the club offers.

The Contact Me page contains a form by which prospective clients can contact me with any queries etc, to which I will respond.

The Testimonials page contains comments made by participants to the club.

The News From France page contains news, topical items and any other relevant items relating to France. It is intended to provide visitors with a snippet of life in France and is regularly updated.

The Useful Links page gives links to various French websites.

The Download Tasks page enables club participants to download homework tasks related to their tuition.

The Site Map/Search page enables visitors to see all the website page headings and select any one. It also provides the facility to search the site.

The Latest Updates page lists the updates that take place on the website sequenced latest to earliest. Each update notification contains a link to that updated page or information.

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